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Match the Postcard.

Have you ever had the experience of browsing for a hotel online and discovering a hidden gem? The photos show interior rooms that are bathed in morning light, a fresh fruit bowl sits on top of a slick, modern table. The freshly painted hotel exterior glints in the sun as you see guests enjoying drinks on the verandah, overlooking a warm sunset and ocean waves. You snap up a room, pack your bags and look forward to a holiday in paradise. But when you show up it turns out the photos were taken a decade ago. The rooms are spacious but have an old carpet smell. Up close you can now see the hotel paint is peeling a bit and the verandah is just dirty enough that you don't want to sit in the cushions. It's nice, but slightly disappointing. The hotel didn't match the postcard.

Many of the clients we have worked with have had their existing identities for decades. These identities have served well but like life, brands and clients evolve over time and old designs start to show their age. After receiving a glowing word-of-mouth recommendation you don't want a potential client's second touchpoint to be a presentation deck that looks like it's from the 90's or a website that doesn't fit on their phone. Make sure that when potential clients show up at your door, your brand matches the postcard.

Kobo's 3 Step Process

Explore Build Refine

1. Explore

Week 1 You have decades of history, culture and experience that we need to understand in order to develop relevant designs. To get everyone on the same page, we start all of our rebranding work with a rapid review and documentation of your company's KSP's, values and target market. Our designers brainstorm and come up with design styles we think pair well with your brand's history, personality and target market. After one or two rounds of refinement we are usually ready to move on to the next step.



2. Design

Weeks 2-4 The Design Phase builds on the Exploration. We take your original identity, look at where you want to go and start bridging the gap. With multiple design options we explore various styles and quickly refine the new logo and visual identity over the course of several rounds. We outline a draft for your brand's typography, color palettes and design style but these will need to be field-tested on other applications before being finalized.



3 Extend

Week 5+ Once the designs are signed off we clean up the artwork and create output files for online and print use. You'll receive ownership and copyright of the designs when the project is completed and we will keep a backup in our archives just in case you need them.

We then start applying the typography, colours and styles to your other collaterals, expanding your brand, testing how it works and documenting the process. We send artwork like powerpoint decks to your team so they can try it out and see how it works in practice. Comments are collected and we refine the master files until they fit.




During the entire process you will be in contact with only one person from our team. They will help guide you, take notes and update you on your project's schedule. If anything goes awry, you can reach out to our founder, Sean, directly. We'll give you his mobile phone and WhatApp just in case.

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