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When you offer a specific solution to a niche problem typical agency solutions won't work. Most branding agencies focus on mass-market solutions where the product is a thing, i.e. a running shoe, and the most important feature is lifestyle or quality. You are different: clients don't use you because of a product, clients partner with you because of trust, your knowledge and your processeses. You aren't aiming for millions of clients buying ten dollar items, your aim is a few clients spending thousands per transaction.

At Kobo, we have extensive experience with B2B branding. We focus your core messages, target other corporates and craft messages that are understandable to a select audience.

Arnhold & Co.

As the owner retired and the management team transitioned to a youthful and ambitious leadership team, we took the existing corporate culture and re-envisioned it. By simplifiying the logo and using sharp, forward moving lines and a fresher blue Arnhold transformed quickly into a modern, revitalized company.


We worked with the world's most advanced corporate governance, & entity management SaaS supplier, to build a brochure website, explaining their services to potential clients.

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Super Dry Dessicants Pte Ltd

Super Dry manufactures a simple, but vital product: container dessicants (they prevent mold and water damage during ocean voyages by keeping the insides of shipping containers humidity free). Faced with increasing competition from copycat companies and new players abroad, they sought branding as a solution to differentiate themselves.


Previously Super Dry's imagery focused on rather obvious container ships and product shots. The revised branding instead focused on benefits clients could relate to: goods arriving in perfect condition, factory support, and a focus on environmentally-friendly product packaging and disposal.

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