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The Challenge. Bridging the Culture of Finance and Investment with Investees.

With a wide range of Investment banking firms and the wide range of investment opportunities in startups and SMEs it has become imperative that investors and target investments are well-matched in terms of culture, skills, ambition and support. Investment firms are expected to keep a certain level of professionalism when finding partners but target investments are attracted to exuberance and high-minded goals. Kobo has extensive experience in bridging this communications gap, resulting in a smoother introductory process for our clients.

Deutsche Bank

Brand Communications

We collaborated with Deutsche Bank's branding team to keep their corporate identity consistent: from event booths and promotional items for Art HK, private VIP dinners and collaterals for internal events across Greater China, Vietnam, India and Singapore.

Alphalion Group

As an innovator in the financial services industry, the alphalion group's goal for their website design was to build a visual identity that attracts industry leaders and technology talents. Our idea for the site was to visually showcase how technology, creativity and ideas are being constantly explored and developed at alphalion. This idea was brought to life with "living blueprints": animated mind-maps, architectural graphics, and thought plans.

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Extending the idea

Our concept of the living blueprint was applied to every aspect of graphic design needed by alphalion. From custom iconography to location graphics, making an identity that is both engaging and easily recognizable by their peers.

Kuantum Capital

Investing in next-generation technologies

Kuantum was a new fund spearheaded by Michael Kwan, focused on attracting pioneers and fellow investors in the emerging fields of Ai and Machine Learning. Our solution was to build a digital-first identity. Sharp lines and alternating thickness in the typography reveals a company in constant motion. We coded an interactive icon that changed colors, lighting effects and user interaction.

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