About us | Helping B2B clients with corporate branding and identity design.

Since 2010. Over a decade of building B2B brand solutions.

Kobo Design was founded as a normal design agency, relying heavily on our design skills to differentiate. Over the years our focus has shifted to work rebranding companies that are experiencing changes in management, culture or view their brand as an important differentiator against the face of increasing competition.

With focus, we have gained unique insight into the B2B space that other agencies lack. We our greatest skill is taking KSPs and honestly, dry corporate speak, and turning them into compelling brand identities. Where other agencies may focus on products and service, we understand that what your clients are really buying into is trust, knowledge and culture.

Founder, Creative Director Sean Okihiro

If you decide to work with us, Sean will be your point of contact. We believe in close partnerships, so you'll have his personal contact information so you'll be able to reach out to his mobile, WhatsApp, WeChat or Signal anytime.

Sean is the modern definition of a jack-of-all-trades designer with experience spanning front-end coding, UX/UI design, graphic design, brand strategy, marketing, business development, marketing and management. This range of knowledge gives Sean unique insights into the intersection of business development, strategy, tech and design, helping our clients enjoy work that is both functional and beautiful.

When not contributing at Kobo, you can find Sean running around the hills of Hong Kong in sandals, brewing beer, or optimizing automation and logistic issues at our sister company, BeanCurious Coffee.

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