Logo and Brand Development

Building new brands from scratch

Making Product Features Desirable.

Say you wanted to buy a table, so you went to a warehouse filled with neatly packed, perfectly rectangular cardboard boxes with a photo and description of the contents stuck to the front. The displays list all the information you need to know to make a decision: high quality materials, clean Swiss designs, excellent value, etc. Would you buy the table? Probably not. That's why Ikea builds entire interiors in their stores to showcase their products. If you can see the table, placed inside a modern kitchen, with sunlight streaming through the windows, a table runner and cutlery in place, you immediately understand the benefit of having it in your home.

Many businesses sell their services like a flat-packed table. They give long lists of features that are exciting only to engineers and themselves. It takes branding to turn those KSPs into a tangible experience that gets your clients excited about your offerings.

Kobo's 3 Step Process

Exploration | Design | Refinement

Phase 1


To translate your key selling points, marketing strategies and research into a brand identity that will resonate with your target market and stand out from the competition we need to do some quick research. To get everyone on the same page quickly, we start all of our branding work with a rapid review and documentation of your company's offerings. We take these features and brainstorm designs and benefits that enhance your core offerings.

Phase 2


Once a draft of the design idea for your brand is approved, we start to create original logo designs. We propose multiple design options as we explore various styles and slowly refine your logo over the course of a few rounds. We will also draft your brand's typography, color palettes and design style but these will need to be field-tested on other applications before being finalized.

Phase 3

Output & Refinement

Once the designs are signed off we clean up the artwork and create output files for online and print use. We also transfer of ownership and copyright of the designs to you and keep a backup in our archives.

We then start to extend your brand to your collateral to see how it all fits together. Here again we refine, update and document your brand, constantly spiraling upward toward a finalized identity that is strong, flexible, and highly recognizable.



During the entire process you will be in contact with only one person from our team. They will help guide you, take notes and update you on your project's schedule. If anything goes awry, you can reach out to our founder, Sean, directly. We'll give you his mobile phone and WhatApp just in case.

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